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PRAYER UPDATE - June 14, 2010  Siegen, Germany

Shalom Chaverim (= Peace Friends),

  President Bill Clinton spoke at the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin and said “Shalom Chaver”  (= Good Bye Friend).  While I am yet living and you are as well I needed to write another prayer letter!  The equation has never been the more trips I make to East Europe the easier they get.  With age and two strokes I find it very difficult to organize and accomplish my plans.  Your continued prayers and financial gifts have got me back on the road to East Europe.  Driving is a challenge.

  While in the USA I returned a 4th time to Casper Koning to get more Bible signs with magnetic ones for the car.  They were distributed before I left on April 28.  Jerome Lund will move to Norway as his wife got a job there teaching.  She is Norwegian.  I visited Tabernacle Baptist Church in Brooksville, FL.  They have called David Clevenger as pastor.  I also spoke at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Morrilton, AR.  Tom Allen can no more pastor so the church seeks a new pastor.  A brother from LA is being considered.  Floyd Stell lives in Morrilton, AR and his son Steve died in a truck accident.  Floyd was in Tenn. Temple Schools (TTS) with me in the 60’s.  Dwight Scott is a Baptist pastor living in Morrilton.  I spoke in his church and he asks for prayer.  While in CA I visited a cousin & an aunt.  My aunt Trudy 93 has since had a stroke.  I was camped in the mountains not too far from San Francisco and there a couple parked next to my camping site.  The wife is Jewish and I was able to witness to both of them.  The Jewish woman was born in 1940 and her father escaped Lithuania before the Nazis came.

  Once back in France I had 5 weeks to prepare for my summer East European tour.  I enjoyed giving out French, Portugese, Turkish, and Arabic tracts.  I was able to get back into putting up posters and took a trip to Switzerland to get literauture.  I preached in two churches in France which support my ministry.  As best I recall I have only missed 2 summers since 1988 visiting East Europe.  My first trip into East Europe was in 1972.    The saved need to be encouraged, their children need to build a strong foundation in Christ and even the grand children are now reaching camp age.    I visited Tom & Lila Cosmades in Siegen, Germany (D).  Tom is 86 and his Turkish NT has been revised and is being reprinted in Turkey & D.  I have handed out some of his Turkish tracts in Germany.  I called Walter Hornig in Ingelheim, D and he has come through colon treatment.  He is now helaing.  His wife also has colon trouble.  He continues to pastor.   We were students together in the Bible School TTS in the 60’s.  Bob Huffman who was in TTS in the 60’s came to France in 1969.  Bob has pancreas cancer and his wife Gail has MS.  There is a French pastor in the church Bob founded.  In a restaurant in Bavaria D a waitress Barbara was very open to a witness.

 I will visit Austria & Hungary.  I pray for Jewish outreach in Budapest.  I plan to come to RO June 22 beginning at Beius with Peter Beltechi of the Baptists and to Brasov with John Poenar June 29 & 30.  Then go to Ukraine.  In UA I will visit Pastor Vladimir Iokumetz in Vinitza July 6-7, in Rovno Pastor Vasile Olenic. July 8-11.  Then the family of Lazar Weremchuk in Costopol.  Lazar passed away though his sister Domka still lives in Hupalo, UA July 12-15.  Then to Odessa to see Valentine Mirosnichenko.  I want to visit the Independent Bapt. in Odessa.  Next to Kishinev, Moldova where I will visit two Baptist works among the Jews:  Pastor George & Nina Burlacu & Loreen Ittermann  July 19-20.  I hope to be back in RO July 21.  I have a camp with Costica Mararu July 26-31 then Meuveni camp  Aug 1-7.   I will continue teaching the book of Isaiah and show slides of Israel.  In the Mararu camp we will start Isaiah.  I had a camp with Br. Mararu in 1988.  Then I will make a short trip to Bucharest where I want to see Daniel Sandu and Pastor Ioan Tone.  Then back to France, probably visiting Budapest where I trust to have a Jewish outreach then to Zagreb in Crotia, Ljubljana in Slovenia and Trieste in Italy.  I must then go through Austria and Czech to get to East Germany to see Gerhard Goetzl who is an optician and he will give me new glasses.   And back to France hopefully stopping in Stroudsburg for Jewish outreach.
  I have bought a plane ticket to Israel for Oct 5 to Jan 3, 2011.

  I preached in Wolfratshausen, D on Isaiah 6.  The 2 seraphims prepared Isaih for the call of God.  Isaiah had seen the glory of God and therefore confessed his sins.  Then God spoke “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’  Isaiah’s response was “Here am I, send me.”  I trust we are ready for His call?  His call for our life and His daily calls. To the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Wanting Christ’s will,    Michael David Bentley



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