To The Jew First

A Christian Ministry to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.  Romans 1:16

East gate in Jerusalem

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Dear Prayer partner,

  The New Year has been given unto us!  This is a responsibility.  I sensed God’s help in my 3 months at the year end of 2015 in Israel.  Your prayers were helpful.  I sought the will of Christ for each day.  I am thankful for many contacts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa & Tiberias. In Haifa I met a humble Jewish woman who seemed to be open.  Her husband is of Christian background. I pray for her to find the truth.  A lot of literature was distributed in Haifa at the Arab-Christian celebrations the last 3 Saturdays of December.   This is a yearly celebration.  I pray for God’s blessing on the literature that was distributed.  I had contact with churches in the towns where I distributed.  There was blessed fellowship with fellow believers.  A church in Jerusalem paid for 7 implants on my upper gums.  I plan to return to Israel in Oct. 2016 and then the implants can be completed.

  I was one month in France trying to prepare for a 5 week trip to Romania & Crete.  I needed that month and I am thankful for tracts distributed especially in the area where I live.  My local church in Longjumeau, FR is behind me in prayer and is helpful in time of need.

 Feb. 8 I flew from Paris to Cluj, RO for the completion of my first implant.  I met with pastor Beni Lairu who pastors an Independent Baptist church.  His wife Laura is my dentist.   I will have in Cluj  2 meetings on fasting at the Baptist Church of Evangelical Light, Feb 17 & 18.  I had scheduled a 3 day fasting conference in Mioveni church for Feb 12-14.  I finished this meeting and I sense God’s blessing on it.  This is unique and the idea came from Matt 15:32 when the people who came to be healed by Jesus by the Sea of Galilee on a mountain ate nothing for the 3 days.  The leadership asked for a 7 day fasting conference for Feb 6-12, 2017, with no food as in Matt 15:32.

  Feb 23 I leave for Heraklio, Crete, Greece until Mar 14, when I return to France.  I will be with pastor Sotiris Karalis who pastors in Heraklio.  I stayed with his family during my extended fasts on Crete.  I feel any witness in Greece is strategic.

  As usual I plan a trip in France putting up Biblical posters, visiting believers & churches and going to Switzerland to get literature and to visit pastor Hans Rufenact in Bienne.  The summer tour starts in early June for 3 months.  I plan to go north from Romania to Ukraine.  The summer camp in Rucar will be July 30 to Aug. 6. For guidance:  Ezra 8:21-23  God responded to Ezra’s fasting prayer and told him what to do.  He will do the same for you.  Is 58:11

Michael Bentley


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