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East gate in Jerusalem

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Normandy, France  near Utah & Omaha Beaches, Beaches of D-DAY JUNE 6, 1944

MAY 24, 2013


  You have been upon my heart and in my prayers.  I found no strength or discipline to write a prayer letter since Nov, 2012.  My theme in that letter was God's help and He continued to help me through the end of the year while I was in Israel and then through 5 months in France.  By grace I was saved in 1960 and by grace I continue.  Eph. 2:8-10 'For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  Not of works, lest any man should boast.  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.'  And Christ has helped me to walk in good works.  From a Christian hymn: 'Day by day and with each passing moment strength I find to meet my trials here.'  It does get sweeter as the days go by.  By grace I did send out by email a Christmas letter on Dec 5 from Beit-Shemesh area in Israel.  I wrote in my diary for Dec. 6 when I was in Tel Aviv: Christ gave grace for me to get out of the apartment to distribute.

  I am thankful my health has been stable.  I was able to leave June 3 for the 3 month summer tour to D-Germany, A-Austria, HU, RO BG, GR, HR-Croatia, SLO-Slovenia, IT-Italy. SLOVAK. CZ.  I invite you to join me by prayer.  I travel alone but with the great grace of your prayers.

  I spent the last month of 2012 in Israel.  The tine in Tel Aviv was again blessed with many contacts on the streets.

Bucharest, RO  Romania June 25, 2013

I returned to Baer Sheva where I attended church in 1968-69.  I went with Dov & OIlga Bikas.  I was at the funeral of their 19 year old son Yossi in Haifa in October.  There are still about 100 Russians in the meeting.  On the way back to Yavneh where Dov lives we visited in Ashdod the parents of Dima & Loche.  Both were brought to Christ and delivered from drugs and went through Dov's rehabilitation program in Bethel in Haifa led by Maxim D.  With Israeli believer Simcha D & I visited the grave of Gad Canaan who used to receive me when I came to his kibbutz in Bible distribution.  Simcha is from this kibbutz, kibbutz Cefar Menachem.  In Tel Aviv Phillippinos & some from India were given literature.  They are in Israel caring for the elderly.   I visited one of my supporters Kathy Oswald in her hotel in Jerusalem.  An Arab Muslim doorman after receiving a tract posed some heavy questions about who God is.  I was blessed again to spend some of my weekly fast days on the Mount of Olives.  I met again with Sasha from Ukraine who has no apartment but sleeps on stairs in an apartment building.  His faith is strong.  He seems ready to move into a room if Christ would provide.  During Chanukah I went to the wedding of Morris from India and Oksana from Ukraine in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Oksana was raised in a Christian orphanage in UK and they will work in Morris's father's Christian orphanage in India.  On the way to the wedding as I was distributing a young Jewish musician saw me distributing and he turned around and came back to ask for literature.  There was time to explain spiritual matters and I felt he was very open.  On returning from the wedding on the same sidewalk I offered a tract to an Arab next to a Chanukah candelabrum on the sidewalk.  He had recently had a vision of Jesus Christ and was all ready studying the Bible with others.  In Jaffa church's yearly Dec, conference in Haifa I was able to have a blessed Messianic discussion with a Bahai from Persia who lives in Canada.  My Christmas present to Jesus was to stand on the streets of Haifa distributing an Arabic Christmas tract.

  During the 5 months in France literature was distributed, posters were put up and the Wed. morning prayer meetings at the church were a blessing.  In April I made a trip in France visiting churches and individuals.  I went to Switzerland-CH to get literature and visit pastor Hans & Silvia Rufenacht.  To finish I was with a church in Olivet, FR for 10 days of evangelism.  It was pastor Carl with Louis Marie Lemofack leading the outreach.  Several came to the church as a result of our witness.  God's protection and blessing has been with me as I passed through D, A, HU and RO.  There was another blessed outreach to Jews in Budapest.  On July 2 I will leave RO to enter Bulgaria with a visit to Greece-GR.  In Aug. I have 3 camps in RO.  On Sept. 29 I leave for Israel for 3 months.

Thank you for standing with me in prayer and finances,  Phil 4:19

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