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East gate in Jerusalem

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PRAYER UPDATE - OCTOBER 29, 2010   Israel

  Dear Followers of my travels,

  This summer I finished another trip to Eastern Europe.  Since 1988  I recall missing only 2 summers of not coming to EE.  The plan is to go again in 2011.  I go one year from Romania-RO to Ukraine-UA and the next from RO to Bulgaria-BG and Greece.  I visited again churches in Germany-D, Hungary-HU, RO and UA.  In past years this was an eight months trip but now is three months due to my visiting Israel for 3 months during Oct. to Dec. where I am now .  The effects of the financial crisis were evident in many visits and I shared financially as often as I found grace and ability.  We cannot solve their financial problems but we encourage them with a gift by manifesting our concern for them and continue in prayer that that they will receive God’s help for their needs.

  I drove alone.  Three times for a day a brother drove for me, twice in RO and once in UA.  As I returned from RO to Paris brother Marion Rotaru drove for me.   It was his father George who drove for me in RO.  It was difficult for me to drive.  I am thankful to Jesus Christ for His daily help to get me through yet another Eastern European tour.  The book of Isaiah was much on my mind for I had prepared for teaching Isaiah in 2 camps of one week each in RO.

  I was blessed again to visit Tom & Lila Cosmades in Siegen, D.  Lila had her second cataract operation and Tom’s revised Turkish NT is being reprinted.  At the end of the summer Tom passed away.  Praise God for Tom’s ministry here on earth.  He now has a ministry in heaven.  He prayed every Saturday for me because I might be near the synagogue witnessing.  Two Saturdays (Sept 25 & Oct 3) immediately after his death I went near the local synagogue.  On the second Saturday I gave a Jewish man a tract.  I was given the opportunity again to preach in the brethren assembly in Wolfratshausen, D.  My Hebrew Christen friend Gideon Miller died in Austria in 2009.  I visited WOL-Austria and was thankful to renew fellowship with Hervic and his wife Claudia.  There still is no resident director.  Willy and family were on vacation.  I had good contact with the German civil service workers at WOLA.  I had a good distribution near Salzburg.  The church of Mozart was nearby.  I do not speak German but the tracts do.

  Praises unto God for two good outreaches to the Jews in Budapest at the begining of the summer and at the end.  Hebrew, Hungarian & English went out to Jews.  In June an Israeli couple stopped to talk.  They were friendly and the husband took a tract.  A family I believe I have given to before took a tract and a young woman in the group stopped to bless me.  I looked for them at the end of the summer but did not see them.  At the end of the summer as I got near the entrance of the synagogue a Hungarian Jew took a book.  Good that we found parking near the synagogue.  There were again contacts with the Jews in the area for which I am thankful.  In Prague, CZ in the Jewish quarter an Israeli family took a tract in Hebrew.  In Antwerp, Belgium many Jews were contacted.  With Hebrew and English and French I was able to witness in and around the Jewish stores.  I pray I will return to Antwerp.  While walking in Paris with Marion an Israeli family took a tract and stopped to talk.  It was a joy to distribute in Paris.

  It was difficult for me to adjust back in France and I had to prepare for my Oct 5 departure to Israel.  Just before I left there was a fire in an apartment very near to me.  I was in the smoke but the firemen got me out.  I had no plan for my 3 months in Israel.   Some people were chosen that I wanted to see.  I started in Haifa at Beit El where ex-drug addicts are ministered to.  Maxim leads the work and I was again impressed with the results.  I experienced great joy just walking the streets and meeting people.  My stay in Israel has been characterized by divine appointments.  I was low on finances and a French elder and a local church in Israel and a believer in the Far East gave finances which helped a great deal.  I was able to share in the Beit Hesda Assembly in Haifa.  It is a solid assembly with over 100.  In Jerusalem I was able to share in the meeting at Mary Kilbride’s home and in the First Baptist Bible Church in East Jerusalem.  Pastor Abdallah of Nazareth leads the Baptist church and his helper is Nabil.  Nabil has memorized a large amount of scripture.  Atif Himadeh is the main pastor and he will be in Jerusalem in December.  There was an amazing contact in Haifa at a bus stop and so for Jerusalem.  I will rent for Nov & Dec in Jerusalem area in Maaleh Adumim.  It is to the east of Jerusalem in the wilderness of Judea.  I have made contact with Sasha the brother who greatly helped me in Ukraine.  He has passed about 14 years living in the streets of Jerusalem.  He is a powerful witness.  I am presently with Dov Bikas who works with the Russian drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes.  His son Yossi has muscular dystrophy and is getting worse as the years pass.  He is 16.  I will share in the Russian church in Baer Sheva.

  I plan to remain in Israel until Jen 3, then spend 3 days in Czech and then return to France.  I trust to stay in Prague and would like to meet some Jewish people.  I will work on writing an auto biography in the first 5 months of 2010.  I will probably have a trip in France during that time.

Php 1:12  But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel;

Sowing in hope, 

Michael D, Bentley


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