To The Jew First

A Christian Ministry to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.  Romans 1:16

East gate in Jerusalem

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Dear fellow laborers,

 An intense 3 months mission trip is about to end on Sept. 10. An intense 3 months mission trip is about to end on Sept. 10.  I first visited Switzerland-CH to see Pastor Hans & Silvie Rufenacht.  Their church helps with my week camp in August in Rucar, RO.  I was glad to recontact Dieter Reinbold in Germany-D near Basel, CH.  We may meet in Israel in October.  I visited Michael Gabi near Stuttgart.  He is a converted Muslim from Jerusalem.  My grandfather Otto Miller was born near Stuttgart. Sister Irmgard near Word of Life D gave me many things to distribute.  It took 2 ½ months but I was able to share her gifts.

  The Jewish outreach in Budapest on Shabbat in June was mainly among Jews from Israel. I could not find my Hebrew tracts in the van so I only had 8 or 9 to give out.  There were some who refused but yet there was discussion about Jesus the Messiah with some of them.  My last Hebrew literature was a New Testament.  I believe the right person got it.  She spoke in appreciation after receiving it.

  I had the week meeting in Mioveni, RO assembly on the book of Revelation the last week of June.  I only did 10 chapters, 1, 4-12.  We are to continue in Rev. the last week of February 2020.  The invitation of 3:20 invites us to sup with Jesus.  Best to do it now before the judgments begin.

  I was in Ukraine-UA for 3 weeks.  I visited retired pastor Vasili Olenic of Povlichenco Baptist church.  He is 92 and still active in the church.  I visited this church in 1990 with Herman Pinion of AL. I spoke at a Messianic assembly In Kiev, UA at the baptism of a Jewish man about 27 years old.  In Uman, UA about 75% of the people took my tracks.  The famous rabbi Nachman of Breslov is buried here. This a town of Hassidic Jewish pilgrimage.

 This year we had 25 campers in the week camp in Rucar, RO.  Most were teenagers.  We studied Matthew 8-11.  The plea of Jesus at the end of chapter 9 is for more workers for His harvest.  I pray that among the youth that were at the camp some would be called into full time service. 

  In August on Friday just north of Budapest my clutch went out.  So I missed Shabbat outreach in Budapest.  Fortunately it was the clutch bearing and not the clutch that broke.  I did a distribution in the 2 villages near by while waiting for repairs.  Paul said “the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel.”  Phil 1:12

  Again as last year I was offered a cup of water during tract distribution in intense heat.  Last year it was Croatia, this year in Slovenia.  Sweat was dripping from my chin.  Matt 10:42

  Your prayers helped me to help others that they might have a chance to know Jesus Christ as their God & Savior.

Michael Bentley. Rev 5:8 & 8:3-4. Our prayers are to be remembered for eternity.

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