To The Jew First

A Christian Ministry to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.  Romans 1:16

East gate in Jerusalem

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Dear prayer partners,

  I have sensed the power of your prayers.  I was able to drive to the south of France and put up Biblical posters.  I preached in 2 churches and visited believers.  I was in Israel for 5 weeks.  I was with Dov & Olga Bikas who have a Russian ministry.  Their son Yosi has muscular dystrophy.  He is getting worse.  Dov has several churches.  I was able to preach in the meeting in Baer Sheva where there are about 100 Russians in the meeting.  I was able to share also to his drug addict outreach in Tel Aviv.  Three drug addicts had recently over dosed and died.  Two of the men had been in Dov’s meetings.  One of them Dov warned just before he died.  I visited also Dov’s drug center in Haifa.  I spoke to them twice.  Maxim leads this work in Haifa.  Dov also does ministry to the prostitutes.  I am thankful for another opportunity to visit Eilat and the work of John & Judy Pex.  I stayed there 2 weeks.  I taught 2 times in their hostel at the 11 AM Bible study which they have 6 days a week.  On the 7th day Shabbat they have church.  I was blessed to be able to share with struggling believers.  I met John Z. from Holland.  He helps John Pex who is also Dutch.  John is a handy man.  He was also a truck driver.  He felt led to help me with driving on my East European tour.  John tried to help Michel from Holland to go to a rehabilitation center on Mt Carmel but Michel refused.  Michel is an alcoholic living in Eilat.  I got to Tiberius to see Benjamin Brenner.  Last Dec. he was hit by a car while on his bicycle.  He was in the hospital 5 ½ months.  He is improving.  His leg was broken in 8 places.  Benjamin is a believer of over 50 years from Switzerland and a son of a rabbi.  I am thankful for the family that has taken him into their home and is caring for him.  They were especially helpful while he was in the hospital.  Benjamin carried on a unique ministry during 50 years in Israel.  He is still carrying it on.  I made it to Nazareth as well to visit John Rocha.  His church carries on.  I went to a Pentecost retreat in Beit Jala near Bethlehem with the Jerusalem Assembly.  As of a few days ago there was only lacking $60,000 for the $1.9 million! for the floor they are buying in an industrial building in Jerusalem for their assembly.  Please pray for the pastor Meno Kalisher and their church ministry.

  I was able to stop 3 days in Czech on the way back to France.  Peter Zeman has Parkinson’s.  His wife Daniela is there to help him.  I spoke in his church.  I went to the Jewish cemetery and a couple received a tract and a short witness.  Peter gave me tracts and I enjoyed passing then out.

  John Z. drove me from Holland to Bucharest.  We had 3 weeks together.  We got literature in Siegen & Eschenburg, Germany as usual.  We had to move quickly through Germany, Austria and into Hungary.  I am thankful for John doing all the driving.  We stayed at WOLHungary where we were well received.  We made it to an Independent Baptist conference near Beius, RO.  There were encouraging messages and blessed fellowship.   Michael is the Jewish believer who has led the camp for several years.  He is active in the Beius Baptist church and their Bible school.  We attended a conference for handicapped persons with John Poenar.  I spoke in the conference and preached as two were baptized.  The next morning I preached in a local church in Ghimbav and another was baptized.  It was a 3 hour service!  John gave his testimony several times.  He had a very difficult young life and ended up on hard drugs and alcohol.  He was saved in Eilat about 25 years ago.  John and I did not work well together.  After 3 weeks I asked him to leave which he did.  Another volunteered to drive from July 13 to July 25. 

  Alexander Ciopasiu is 21 and has one more year in his university studies.  He drove me to Giurgiu, RO where I met old friends.  We went across the border into Russe, Bulgaria where more friends were met.  We pushed on to Plovdiv, BG where Nedko Popov received us.  I spoke in the Baptist church where Stoico Nicovi is the pastor.  We visited Christo & Tonya Rassovsky and their son Jarko in Sofia.  I spoke in the church Sunday morning on Jerusalem from Is 62.  Then we drove to Sandansky, BG to be with the Baptist church.  We met pastor Podgorsky and his wife Vania.   And then a one night trip to Greece to distribute literature and visit Linda (Callahan) Sinopidis was made.  We distributed lit. in Thessaloniki.  I was arrested here in 1972 for distributing.  I spoke in the Baptist church in Petric, BG on July 21.  I spoke in Russe for an evening church service.

  The camp with the Meuveni church will be July 27 to Aug 1.  Studies will continue in Isaiah, starting at Is 17.  I want to give out Hungarian tracts in St. Gheorghe near Brasov Aug 4 then head back to France. 

I normally drive through Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria & Switzerland on the way back.  But if I am alone I may drive straight through Hungary, Austria, and Germany to France.  I plan to stop at WOLH to be near Budapest to go to the synagogue on the Sabbath of Aug 8.  I will leave Aug 20 from Paris for the USA.

  I will be Oct 4 in Elerslie, MD at Calvary Baptist, Oct 9-11 in Chevy Chas, MD for 50 year high school reunion, Oct 14 at Grace Baptist in Orange, VA and Oct 16-18

in camp meeting of Emmanuel Baptist, Abingdon, VA.  Isaiah 22:22

22  And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.

Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem and take His proper place in the midst of the Jewish people.

All by grace,

Michael David Bentley


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