To The Jew First

A Christian Ministry to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.  Romans 1:16

East gate in Jerusalem

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 I came to USA Sept. 18 for an 8-month furlough. I spoke in 2 churches in Jacksonville, FL my home town. I went to my 59th high school reunion in Bethesda, MD. I was blessed to meet born again Christians there, 3 couples and a brother. I visited Glenn Fogle in Charlotte, NC, who was a student at TTS. Throat surgery of 5 years ago left his voice impaired. In GA I met Sally Lauderdale who is now 90 and living alone in Wrens, GA. Her husband George died and Intercession for Israel was closed.  She is teaching Sunday school. I returned to Jacksonville to trade my car in on another and the new one is working all right.

I visited Richard Cohen in Chattanooga, TN who is now 70 years old. He was a student in Tenn. Temple schools in the 70’s. His father a Jew was saved and baptized in Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga.  I saw also Jeanne Allen & Curtis Stiltner who were students at TT Schools. I got gospel signs in Cross Plains, TN from Casper Koning of Gospel Text Mission. He has retired from the Mission and 3 other men are carrying on the ministry.

I visited Pastor Dwight Scott  a supporter in Morrilton, AR. Br Floyd Stell was from this area. He died about a year ago, he was a student at TT Bible School. He would go with me to the Jews when we were Bible School students.  I visited Pastor David Langley in Tulsa OK area for help on my computer. I spoke in his church Bethany Baptist in Tulsa.

I went to NY planning to meet supporters there. I am presently with David Kaus in Buffalo area in Salamanca where the Seneca Indians live. I will speak in East Pharsalia Baptist church Nov 11 a supporting church in NY.   I will visit NJ, PA, VA, GA.  In VA I will visit in Chincoteague at a supporting church in Horntown Baptist church.  In GA I want to see May Suddeth and David & Barbara Beatty in Roswell, and Mary Evelyn Hernandes & her daughter’s family Leonel & Laura Valdez in LaGrange.  There should be time to visit in AL in December.  I plan to spend Christmas in Jacksonville, FL then visit in FL in January.

I am scheduled to teach the book of Revelations in a 7 or 8 day meeting in Mioveni, RO in June then in beginning of August we have an annual 1 week camp where I will continue The Life of Christ.


Michael Bentley  Rev 3:20

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