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East gate in Jerusalem

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PRAYER UPDATE JUNE 2014        Starnberger Sea - WORD. OF LIFE GERMANY

Dear followers of my ministry,

  I have started the summer tour of 2014.  

  Many things have happened some of which are life changing.  

The last 3 months of 2013 were spent in Israel.  I am thankful for hours spent on the streets distributing.  Using Abdallah's car enables me to carry literature and gifts as 18 liter containers of olive oil and similar containers of olives from near Shechem in Samaria to Tel Aviv, Hadara & Haifa.  The ride from Rama about a mile NE of Jerusalem north through Benjamin then into Samaria is a ride through Biblical history.  Gn 12:6, 33:18-20, Jn 4:5, Acts 7:16.  The prayer days on the Mount of Olives were breath taking.  Visiting the churches brought me great encouragement and a wealth of prayer information.  

  Jan. & Feb. 2014 were spent In France.  It was a joy to poster again and to be in the Wednesday morning prayer sessions in my church.  Tract distribution was carried on.  Arabic tracts are taken.  I made the regular trip in France in March reaching Switzerland-CH.  As last year I was 9 days with the Oasis church in Olivet in evangelism.  It is mainly a time of tract distribution.  I got literature In Switzerland-CH, mainly French. And I visited Hans & Silvie Rufenacht.  Their church continues to stand behind my ministry.  Also the church in Saone with Jean-Paul Burgat is with me.  On returning to Oasis churchj in Olivet I had a van accident and destroyed the van.  I was not hurt neither was the truck driver whom I drove in front of.  I am now without a vehicle.  I was taken to a hospital in Gien where I know the local church. It is a sister church of The Oasis church with whom I do evangelism.  Bernard & Paula Phillippe cared for me in Gien.  The hospital found nothing wrong or broken in my body.

  I was 1 month in Israel, April 7-May 6, 2014.  Again Abdallah Khoury's car was a help.  I renewed fellowship with Bethel Mission working with the ex Russian drug addicts and the Beit Hesda church both in Haifa.  Distribution in Haifa & Tel Aviv was blessed.  While I was in Israel Passover was April 14-22.  It is a unique time to be in Israel.  It was an opportunity to present Yeshua Hamashiach the Passover Lamb.  "For even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us."    1 Cor 5:6-7. The Passover Seder-meal I attended was in the apartment of Meira a sister I baptized  about 1987.  I spoke in the church in Hadara where Mark Davis is pastor.  Mark needs prayer for a permanent meeting place for the meetings and for his health.  While having my blood drawn I told of the blood sacrifice for sin.  The times of distribution, visiting of meetings, the fellowship with believers and the prayer days on the  Mount of Olives and visiting Biblical sites were again a great encouragement.  I ask prayer for Miguel Ponce who several of us believe he needs to be in a nursing home.  He lives in Jerusalem.

 My sister Lauri visited me in France May 9 & 10 for 2 nights. We visited Paris.  It was a blessing to me to be with her.  Her daughter Rachel studies nutrition and she was in Italy for 3 weeks.

I started the summer tour May 27 by public transport.  I was greatly blessed at the 50th anniversary of Word of Life - Germany.  The original quartet was there: Chuck Kosman, Larry Lockin, Bob Pachauer & Len Wiebe.  Len left in 1971 and Bob Batdor took his place.  Mary Geisbert was there.  I was with Mary in 1971 in MIT-Missionary in Training at WOL Schroon Lake, NY.  The WOL camp in Czech was visited. WOL is mushrooming.  Don Loch Jr. is the director and 2015 is the 75th anniversary of WOL.  WOL is expanding in Africa and years ago put a camp in most countries of South America.  I visited Alex Konya in Czech.  He used to direct WOL Hungary but is now over WOL Europe?  WOL has 17 camps in Europe.  I will stop in Budapest, Hungary then on to Romania-RO.  My yearly camp is  August 4-8 in RO.

  I plan to be in the USA mid Sept. to mid May, 2015.  I am in no rush to start driving again.  Your prayers will be appreciated. 

Michael D. Bentley

Rom 8:28


June 1-5 Brno, CZECH-CZECH.  6-10 Budapest, HUNGARY-HU.

June 10-Aug 21 Romania-RO.  10-24 Cisnidia-Medias-Talmaciu.  24-30 Beius-independent Baptist Conference.  

July 1-10 Brasov.  10-15 Mioveni.  15-16 Bucharest.  16-22 Giurgiu.  22-29 Rosiori de Vede.  30-Aug 1 Bucharest.  2-11 Mioveni, Rucar camp 4-9.  12-19 Bucharest.  21-25 Budapest, HU.  25-28 Zagrev-Crotia-HR.  28-30 Ljubljana-SLO.  30- Sept 3 Trieste, IT.  5 Paris.

With God's help.

Michael Bentley


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