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By grace I made another summer tour to Germany-D, Austria-A, Hungary-HU, Romania-RO, Ukraine-UA, Croatia-HR, Slovenia-SLO, Italy-IT & Switzerland-CH. There were trials and I thank you for your prayers and financial offerings which made it possible. Many times I needed God's help. I taught Isaiah again in two one week camps. I found Is 41:10 to be my verse for the summer. "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."

Just before I left for the tour I met a Jew while we were waiting in a line. I took this as a sign of God's blessing on the tour. Before leaving for the summer tour and before the trip to Israel I had once again dimmer with Allain & Helen. Allain is a Jew and a confirmed atheist but at supper he mentioned the divine justice on the Algerians in their treatment of the Jewish school children of his city during WW 11. Gifts were given and bought to distribute to friends along the way. They were distributed mainly in RO & UA. Again the gifts of Irmgard Krauter were a blessing in many places. There will be one more summer to be at WOLD as they must leave their 2 castles for the D government will sell them. My first visit there was in 1972 on my way to Israel. WOLD was a great help to me especially from 1990 to 2000. This summer I delivered two sewing machines to RO. A week was spent in Bucharest with a French brother Daniel Racine. He published his 2 books a Biblical lexicon & chronology in Romanian. I was able to preach in the 2 churches I often speak in Bucharest at Antioch church & Maranatha Baptist church. I am thankful to have visited again Daniel & Carman Sandu. Carman needs a job. They may come to France to help me with my apartment. Daniel put the insulation in my apartment.

My health seems good. Sometimes the level of the blood thinning needs to be corrected. My blood pressure remains fairly regular. I do not have dizzy spells. When I have needed dental care I have found the help. There is a problem with sight when I am driving so I need to pay special attention when I am driving.

Grace was given to have the two camps of one week in RO. The Arpas camp with Costica Mararu apparently will not be next year but the Rucar camp is scheduled. In Arpas camp I had personal talks with some of the campers. We studied Is 1-9. In Rucar camp we finished Is 42. My translator Nely Rotaru has moved from Miouveni to Cisnedia so I do not know if she will be able to translate in 2013. Digital pictures of Israel were shown. I had 2 other shorter camps with John Poenar in Rotbav where his Bible School is. The second one developed into a revival in the local church in Rotbov. A faithful member of the church a Gypsy was killed in a road accident . Gypsies in Rotbav were grieved and then greatly blessed by God and several came to the church and some were saved. The church was often almost empty and now it is usually full! The brother left a family of 6 children which is a great burden for the wife. There was another visit to Bod where Sorin Cretc has started a new church. Ioan Parascevi the father of one of my past translators in Arpas camp is helping him. I visited again Zenovia in Baia near Faticheni, RO. Her son Florin will return from Italy as he is building a house near his mother. Zenovia has had a history of alcohol so I was glad to see she is still alive. Her alcoholic son Nelu died 3 years ago. One of her daughters was adopted by a believing family on Crete, Greece. Potatoes were bought at least 3 times at 100 kilos each time.

My trip to UA was short but sweet. There was a distribution in Chernovsy coming into UA and leaving UA. I was able to bring some gifts to the Baptist Camp near Chernovsy and again Romanian literature went out in the village near the camp. I was glad to see Pastor Vladimir Ioxumenetz in Vimitsa. His son pastors a church in Vinitsa. Pastor Vladimir gave me some gospels of John. In Kiev I was with Michael Mistecsy and the Messianic Meeting. I gave a message from Is 40:1-9. I started this message in Beius, RO as I entered RO. It was blessed in Antioch church in Bucharest. In Kiev a sister who works with Jews said she was challenged to comfort the Jews she works with. I found grace to distribute in UA. Pastor Olenic in Rovno gave me some literature and I also preached Is 40 in Rovno.

I am thankful that on the way back to FR I witnessed to Jews in Budapest, HU. I got to synagogue about 10:30 and stayed until 5. I stayed at it and kept moving in the area and met Jews all during the day. Israelis took literature in Hebrew. Some lingered for discussion. Some said they would read it. The O utca church I always visit has split as the youth moved away to form another church.

Turkish truck drivers were met in the rest stops especially in A as one leaved Germany, near camping in Zagrev, HR and in the Italian alps near the A border. There were distributions in the camping sites in A, HR, SLO & IT. In SLO a woman had serious questions as why do children suffer. I was challenged to find answers. I said God's Son suffered.

I had a month in FR before going to Israel. I was 3 nights in CZ before coming to Israel. Grace was given to go to the center near the Jewish quarter to meet Jews and Jews were met. I met 2 American Jews and one was open to talk and take a tract. A Jew from Argentina but many years in CZ talked and took a tract. There was no program for Israel so I have sought God's will daily. Abdullah gave me again his car. There have been opportunities for evangelism and fellowship and speaking in churches. I spoke in a Baptist church in Beit Jalla near Bethlehem pastored by Musa Abu Ally. God was gracious to help during the Israeli-Gaza conflict. Thanksgiving Day was remembered with Atif & Raja Himadeh.

Michael David Bentley
Isaiah 43:2 "When thou passest through the waters..." 


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