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East gate in Jerusalem

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Dear followers of my travels,

I am off again on the East European tour. It has been as always only by God's grace I got off and as usual I was 30 hours late starting. It is a joy to meet the people The Lord of the Harvest has prearranged that I should meet. In the campsites, gas stations, stores, pay stations or sidewalks I meet people who take the tracts and on occasion there are opportunities to witness. I got a good supply of literature in Eschenburg, Germany at the GBV Mission. On the day I got the lit. I was able to give a Bulgarian Bible from the lit. I will try to visit Bulgaria before starting the first of 3 camps in Romania on July 25 in Rucar with the Meouveni church. Then Aug. 1-6 with Costica Mararu in Arpas mainly teen-agers and Aug 8 (?) with John Poenar. I will return by way of HU, HR (Croatia), SLO (Slovenia), IT, Austria and CH (Switzerland). I have a good supply of lit. in German, BG, HU, HR & SLO. I would appreciate your prayers as I try to distribute it. Most of the German lit. was distributed before I left Germany. The language in Austria is also German. I pray again to be able to meet Jews in Budapest. I would like to be back in FR by Sept. 1 as I leave for Israel Sept. 16 stopping 2 nights in Prague, CZ. I pray to meet Jews.

Once in FR in Sept. I will try to submit my application for 10 year resident renewal early, as I will be in Israel when it needs to be submitted. If I do not succeed I will have to leave Israel by mid Nov. My plane ticket is good until Dec. 18. I was glad for the opportunity to put up Biblical posters in France during my 5 months there. I tried to encourage others to do it as well. The trip in France in March was a blessing. I had fellowship with Christians and some churches and was able to do evangelism. While putting up a Biblical poster in the south a man stopped to talk. He was starved for fellowship. He had been in an Independent Baptist church near where I live. But in the area where he lives he said there is no fundamental church anywhere near him in any direction. In CH I met again Emil Bellotti who handles the Biblical posters. He as I recall is 87 and has recently remarried as his first wife died. He wants to change the Mission of the posters to France as he lives there part of the year as his new wife lives in France. The need for the posters is in France and not so much in CH.

I visited my friend from the French language school Dieter Rheinbold in Germany very near Basel, CH and FR. In a camping ground near Dieter I met an older couple from Holland and the husband was quite open. I have enjoyed giving out German tracts. I enjoy putting them in post boxes as well as putting them into the hands on the sidewalks and walking streets in the cities. There were opportunities to talk to individuals. There are believers I used to visit on this trip with whom I have lost contact. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

There is no end to the new contacts God gives me as I travel! The father in law of George, a musician at WOLGermny is 87 and is disciplined in study of God's word and in prayer and he can still split wood! Serge Segal from Israel came to visit me for 2 weeks in May. While on the train to Athis-Mons we met a believer of Ablon who had noticed my signs in Ablon. Ablon borders on Athis-Mons. In the train with Serge I was able to witness to a Jew born in Albania who immigrated to France. Typical of Albanian Communist culture he did not know God.

I was not able to work on the autobiography so I will leave it until next year. There have been some who are asking for it. The task of arranging my life in France consumes my time and strength. I was again encouraged by tract distribution in France. There are many foreigners especially in Paris and it is a challenge to always have lit. in different languages. While visiting Paris with Serge Segal there were chances to witness.

I will spend the first 10 days in Israel with fellow missionary Carl Smith of USA. Pastor John & Dina Poenar of Romania will be with us as we travel in Israel. Carl ministers in Romania especially among the Gypsies. I have been working with John P. since 1988 when I met John in a camp I taught in with Costica Mararu.
Pentecost is remembered in Europe. It was traditionally a Holyday in France and still is in Germany. The Biblical Holyday was called the Feast of Weeks. Ex 34:22 It was 7 weeks and 1 day (=50) after the Feast of First-fruits. Lev 23: 15-16 Two baked wave-loves were presented to God with leaven. Lev 23:17 A sheaf of separate growths loosely bound together were presented to God on the Feast of Firstfruits. Lev 23:10-11 Now on the Feast of Weeks a real union of particles making one homogenous body were presented to God. Jews and Gentiles united in Jesus the Messiah make up the body of Messiah. There is leaven as saints do sin. On Pentecost when and where the first believers were together they were together in one accord. Acts 2:1 They were ready for a blessing from Jesus Christ. John 15:26 "But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me."
As I get older I think more about younger believers receiving a missionary call as I received at Trinity youth camp in Keystone Heights, FL in 1966. Perhaps in the 3 camps in RO there will be a missionary call? I pray for this, will you?
Matt 9:36-38,
Michael D Bentley


June 19
On Saturday I was able to contact several Jews. An Israeli said he would read 'The Man". An Israeli couple stopped to talk briefly. A Jewish woman born in Timisoara, RO talked for about 20 minutes. She knew Hungarian and not Romanian. I had the book "Rachel" in my hand and she was attracted to it as this is her name but it was the Sabbath and she would not carry it away. That is "Rachel" written by Agnus Scott Kent, the sister that God used to call me into Jewish work. A Jewish woman from Nova Scotia lingered to talk. My grandfather came from NS. A few Hungarian Jews took books. A religious young woman took a book.
Coming home from Budapest I dozed while driving and woke up as I was headed for an on coming car. Praises by unto our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Your prayers are appreciated.
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